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Essay Test Series

Essay paper is one of the most important paper as far as the civil service examination is concerned. This paper carries 250 marks and is the single most paper that can either put a candidate in the top of the list or out of the list.

From our past experience , we have learned that , even though candidates who have scored high marks in General Studies and Optional Papers were not able to get through MAINS due to less marks in Essay. Despite knowing about the importance of this paper many of the aspirants choose to ignore it. They usually believe that practicing 2 to 3 essays prior to the mains examination will serve their purpose, but regret it afterwards.

Essay paper is completely dynamic and being a creative paper, one has to build a holistic perspective on various subjects, write at regular intervals and get it reviewed in a timely manner. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses as far as this paper is concerned, hence PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK is of utmost importance.

We have conducted Essay Test Series for 2016 and it is one of our flagship program.We manage to predict 6 out 8 essays in Mains 2016

The quality of Essay and the Personalized Feedback are of real help.Essay has its own learning curve, so it is always better to start early than regret later.

Details of the Personalized Feedback :-

  1. Building an all encompassing perspective is important and our feedback can help in this regard, as we not only just review but also provide few examples/perspectives that one might have missed while writing an essay.
  2. Essay being a literature paper, the review can help one to know how to use the economy of words and use their words judiciously.
  3. We also provide guidance on the aesthetics, literature and coherence of the essay.
  4. The feedback that we provide are honest – we show the faults and strengths in same vein.
  5. With constant practice and regular guidance on this paper you can substantially push your chances of getting a top rank.


  1. Registered candidates will get the Question-Cum-Answer-Booklet prior to the examination date.
  2. The candidates are recommended to write the essay in the  Question-Cum-Answer-Booklet.
  3. Candidates need to submit the Essay with-in 10 days and feedback will be provided in next 10 days.
  4. Out of the submitted copies, we will upload few good copies in our site.
  5. We will guide on Time management, Framework creation and all other key components of essay writing.

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Payment details :-

  1. The cost of the essay test series is – Rs 5000/- (inclusive of all taxes). (If you have coupon code you can use them to get discount).Write to us at upsctree@upsctree.com for coupon codes.
  2. After the Payment You will receive a mail from us with  your Candidate ID and you have to quote the same in all your communications with us.
  3. You have to Provide the following while registering :-
    • Your Complete Name
    • Your Mail id (which you use regularly as this will be the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) for us.
    • Your Valid Phone Number.
  4. Send the receipt after successful completion of registration to – upsctree@upsctree.com
The essays will be intuitive, qualitative , contemporary and at par with the real exam – rest  assured on this.And the feedback will certainly be in tune with our slogan slogan- “it will lit up thethinking box and open up new horizons for you




We have tried to keep the fees as reasonable as possible so that the initiative is economically viable and hence sustainable in a long run.We also assure you that  the quality of questions and material provided by us will be of top-notch adhering to our motto of picking the relevant from sea of irrelevant.After testing the waters last year, we can certainly claim that , No body provides the kind of reviews the way we do.

To Sum it up rather simply , it is our core competency.

Feel Free to Contact us , in case you have any queries.

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