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Essay paper is one of the most important paper as far as the civil service examination is concerned. This paper carries 250 marks and is the single most paper that can either put a candidate in the top of the list or out of the list.

From our past experience , we have learned that , even though candidates who have scored high marks in General Studies and Optional Papers were not able to get through MAINS due to less marks in Essay. Despite knowing about the importance of this paper many of the aspirants choose to ignore it. They usually believe that practicing 2 to 3 essays prior to the mains examination will serve their purpose, but regret it afterwards.

Essay paper is completely dynamic and being a creative paper, one has to build a holistic perspective on various subjects, write at regular intervals and get it reviewed in a timely manner. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses as far as this paper is concerned, hence PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK is of utmost importance.

The quality of Essay and the Personalized Feedback are of real help.Essay has its own learning curve, so it is always better to start early than regret later.

  1. Building an all encompassing perspective is important and our feedback can help in this regard, as we not only just review but also provide few examples/perspectives that one might have missed while writing an essay.
  2. Essay being a literature paper, the review can help one to know how to use the economy of words and use their words judiciously.
  3. We also provide guidance on the aesthetics, literature and coherence of the essay.
  4. The feedback that we provide are honest – we show the faults and strengths in same vein.
  5. With constant practice and regular guidance on this paper you can substantially push your chances of getting a top rank.

We provide the series in three variants – Platinum, Gold, Silver

If you are relatively weak/new to UPSC Essay or If you want to push your score beyond 150/160, you should go for Platinum. Because, you will have one-to-one mentorship and guidance is available at all hours. Moreover, we provide exceptional hand-holding for this series. The tele-counselling is open to answer all questions (beyond the series) and this series can help you in your all other GS papers. Book suggestion is also given and at times we send the books to students directly. Tailor-made strategy depending on student’s strength and weakness. Both extensive and intensive guidance provided in this series.

If you have written essays but not confident enough and you have not scored well beyond 110/120, then the GOLD series is for you. This series can push your marks beyond 140/150.Both extensive and intensive guidance provided in this series. Tele-counselling is available. No one-to-one mentorship. No exclusive access to instructor at all hours.

If you have written essays but have not scored beyond 130 or stuck between 110-130, then go for Silver series. In this series, guidance is not extensive as in Platinum or Gold but it is Intensive. Tele-counselling is available but questions are limited to the essay topic only. No one-to-one mentorship. No exclusive access to instructor at all hours.

Check each of the test to know more :- Click Here

NOTE- It is fairly easy to push you marks from 60 to 80/90, but beyond 90, it gets difficult and to score 140+ requires ultimate effort, discipline and consistency. 

Once you have subscribed or paid for the course, follow the below steps :-

  • Send the receipt to :- essay@upsctree.com
  • We will assign you the course, set up your access to essay strategy and other articles and will revert back.
  • After that you can start writing the essay and you have 2 options to send us the essay:-

1) After you have written the essay, scan it and make it a PDF file and Upload it in the portal itself. against the particular assignment/test.

2) Or alternatively, you can directly mail it to us – essay@upsctree.com

  • Once received, you essay copy will be assigned to a teacher and you will get review of your essay in 7-10 days time period. 

Once you have written the essay and got it reviewed, you can opt for tele-counselling.

  • 1) To book a slot for tele-counselling, Call/WhatsApp on- 8260872482
  • 2) Then as decided, tele-counselling will occur and we request you to keep your doubts or questions ready beforehand to ask the instructor.
3)Tele-Counselling can help you establish your strength, which topic you should chose from, what particular strategy you should follow etc.
4)Tele-counselling is exceptionally tailor-made and personal and all suggestions that serves your purpose best.

Yes, Irrespective of when you join, you will be given the full-benefit of the Essay series you have been subscribed to. You can write past-essays, get it reviewed and go for tele-counselling.

We are not giving generic strategy, which is available in the market a plenty and basically of no use. All our strategies are topic specific. We try to give you the necessary intellectual edge and critical analysis that makes your essay stand-out from others

Strategies are exceptionally beneficial as you will have enough good content, quotes and examples to write a comprehensive essay, albeit a brilliant one. 

Moreover, we are not only giving strategy, but also will be giving you content that caters to content-enrichment and reflects wisdom. For example- We have 4 articles on Gandhi and once you read them, it can be exceptionally helpful not only in your essay papers but also in your other GS papers. We will be publishing similar content tagged as “WISDOM” to broaden your horizon of thinking.

Strategy :- Click Here

We are planning for video strategy for essay, but let us remind you one thing, and to be very honest,  in exam you have to write the essay and thus reading great contents matters more. Also, verbal and spoken languages are quite different, so unless you read extensively you won’t be able to write great essays. Nonetheless Videos for couple of strategies will be given as per necessity. 

  1. 1) Stick to the timeline, Write the essay in time and submit
  2. 2) Book for tele-counselling and have your questions answered
  3. 3) Keep a separate notebook for essay – make points which you find essential.
  4. 4) Once the essay is reviewed, read the essay at least twice to come to terms with strength and weakness. Then read strategy.
  5. 5) Don’t follow too many strategies, ask us which one is best for you and stick to it.
  6. 6) Reading great content matters more than watching hundreds of videos.
  7. 7) Even single session of tele-counselling can be of extremely helpful if you use it wisely and stick to the advise provided.
  8. 8) Mark your progress and see where you lack, ask the instructor as well.
  9. 9) The instructor will suggest, which type of essay you should pick and which one not to attempt. Knowing what not to do is very crucial.e
  10. 10) After all, your goal should be to score beyond 140 and what can help you score that kind of mark is our ultimate goal.

Call or WhatsApp on  – 82608 72482