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  1. Registered candidates will get the Question-Cum-Answer-Booklet prior to the examination date.
  2. The candidates are recommended to write the essay in the  Question-Cum-Answer-Booklet.
  3. Candidates need to submit the Essay with-in 7/10 days and feedback will be provided in next 7/10 days.
  4. Out of the submitted copies, we will upload few good copies in our site.
  5. We will guide on Time management, Framework creation and all other key components of essay writing
  6. Personalized Feedback
  7. Tele-Counselling
  8. Book-Suggestion
  9. Content enrichment/ Wisdom Article to broaden your depth of thinking
  10. Critical Analysis
  11. Honest Review and Exceptional Strategies
  12. Customized Strategy/ Student Centric
  13. Topic-Wise Strategy
  14. Access to Toppers Copies/Good Copies
  15. One-to-One Mentorhsip
  16. Guidance by Toppers
  17. Motivation, Inspiration and Emotional Intelligence