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Mains Test Series

Dear Students,

It has been a long and arduous but enjoyable journey. In the process we have been more equipped to fight UPSC, stronger to withstand any debacle made by UPSC and finally more confident to cater to the needs of UPSC. The UPSC- CSM 2016 formally ended  and our wishes are with you and we sincerely hope your dreams of serving this great nation comes true.

However , as mush as we are happy with our question and essay predictions in Mains, we  equally share the pain of the deserving candidates who could not qualify the prelims due to unprecedented high cutoff.And there is a new group of students who are looking up to us to guide them in their journey to serve the nation.To prepare you all for all the uncertainties , we are launching the Programs , which we sincerely think would be of great help in your preparation and equip you with the skillset required to clear the exam.

Before starting afresh, we must not forget to understand and learn few things from this year’s exam:-

  1. UPSC- THE FUROR: – One cannot take UPSC for granted. There was a heavy tilt towards current affairs in Prelims however the Mains questions are more Static in nature.Hence it became imperative to prepare for all eventualities.
  2. GENERAL STUDIES ARE NO MORE GENERAL- Instead of asking only general questions UPSC has started asking specific questions more frequently.Questions like Coehlo case, Professor Amratya Sen’s suggestion on reforms in the realm of primary education and primary healthcare, McBride’s Commission of the UNESCO , the concepts of Allelopathy etc.  bring testimony to the fact that UPSC  is looking deep into certain issues.


What more we are going to do this time?

We did well as far as mains 2016 prediction goes, however , there are certain aspects that can be done better.We have taken an unique approach in our editorials where we deep dive in to the issues and give a whole-some understanding rather than just shop-lifting the editorials from other newspapers as-is.

After looking at this year’s questions , our belief was strengthened to follow this approach more rigorously.A candidate needs at best 2 or 3 editorials on a particular issue (editorials which take all aspects in to account and analyse), and that is what we are going to do this year.Our motto has always been to pick the relevant from sea of irrelevant and we are going to stick to it.


With the new Mains test series programme we are going to adopt a very unique approach which will give added advantage to the students as it will be a step further than that of last year.

  • Some important reports, recommendations and suggestions of the honourable Supreme court, of several commissions, important persons etc. will be included as part of the question and answer.
  • Dynamic parts will be asked through proper linkage with the static part.
  • Comprehensive model answers will be given which not only contains answers to the asked questions but also approach to answer some other variants of those questions. So that a student will be have all-round understanding on how to write a good answer for the question asked by UPSC.

Writing good answer is akin to cultivation , you sow sooner so as to reap later.Similar to essay , writing good answer in Mains has its own learning curve, hence we are launching this program as early as possible so that it can be of real help to you all.


Features of the series:-

  • The Test Series will consist of 12 (Twelve) Tests out of which 8 (Eight) tests will be sectional tests of GS I,II,III and IV and 4 (Four) tests will be full length Mock Tests of GS I,II,III and IV.
  • We have divided the syllabus of each GS paper in two parts for sectional tests and provided primary and secondary references for each part of them. (Refer to our Mains Test Series Schedule)
  • Aspirants are advised to refer the primary references first and go through the secondary references only if the time permits.
  • We will be focusing not only on Current Affairs for GS II and III but also on the static part and evolution of certain concepts as observed from the this year mains.
  • Students will be given Log In credentials after registration and each test will be uploaded on the Students’ Portal latest by 10:00 AM on the day of the test.
  • While our Test Series is Flexible and students can postpone the test suiting to their personal studying time table, we would like to advise you to stick to this time table as this will exert extra pressure on you to timely complete the syllabus. We don’t want our students to be the victim of procrastination.
  • We will be providing Fixed Space Answer Sheet for each test on our Students’ Portal. The students are advised to print the same and answer for the sake of practice. However, students can also write answers on normal A4 size papers with the questions written on the top of the page.
  • We will be providing a detailed PERSONALIZED REVIEW of  your answers within a week’s time from the date of submission of your paper.
  • Evaluation of answers will be done in accordance to the requirement of UPSC. Adequate emphasis will be given on Relevance, Content, Brevity , Language Competency,Economy of words and other aspects that either deal with the quality or quantity.
  • We would also be pointing out various Opportunities for Improvements (OFIs) in each answer.
  • The students are free to contact our team of faculties anytime for personal doubt clearance and discussion.
  • We will also be providing answer materials for each test in the Students’ Portal after completion of each test.
  • Our subscribers must be aware of the quality of articles we publish by covering various perspectives and we would be sticking to the same mantra while preparing the questions for the test series.
  • Rest assured, the standard of questions will be at par with UPSC and the Personalized Feedbacks by our team will be going a long way in sharpening your answer writing skills.

Schedule :- Refer to our Mains Test Series Schedule

Payment Details :-

  1. The cost of the prelims test series is – Rs 8500/- (inclusive of all taxes) – (If you have coupon code you can use them to get discount).Write to us at upsctree@upsctree.com for coupon codes.
  2. After the Payment You will receive a mail from us with  your Candidate ID and you have to quote the same in all your communications with us.
  3. You have to Provide the following while registering :-
    • Your Complete Name
    • Your Mail id (which you use regularly as this will be the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) for us.
    • Your Valid Phone Number.
  4. Send the receipt after successful completion of registration to – upsctree@upsctree.com




We have tried to keep the fees as reasonable as possible so that the initiative is economically viable and hence sustainable in a long run.We also assure you that  the quality of questions and material provided by us will be of top-notch adhering to our motto of picking the relevant from sea of irrelevant.After testing the waters last year, we can certainly claim that , No body provides the kind of reviews the way we do.

Feel Free to Contact us , in case you have any queries.

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