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Prelims Test Series

To realize the dream of becoming a civil servant , one has to overcome the hurdle of PRELIMS examination.The exam is getting unpredictable year after year and many a time deserving aspirants unable to clear PRELIMS due to one reason or other.

The problem is not with the knowledge, but application of knowledge in real time.Also Consistency has become the Key to this exam.The “Old school” method of 3/4 month of PRELIMS preparation is not going to work anymore,given the vast diversity of content and the tilt towards Current Affairs.

Through this program , we are not only covering STATIC portion of the exam completely but also enormous amount of our energy is spent to pick the relevant CURRENT AFFAIRS material.

Many a time, aspirants join multiple programs for PRELIMS conducted by multiple INSTITUTES and in the due course , they could not finish the complete test series.This has come to our notice last year.

In this regard, this is what we are going to do :-

  1. Many students have highlighted the problems of other test series and we are aware of that, however we strongly believe that showing the loopholes of other test series is neither going to help us nor will be beneficial for the candidates.To be honest, we also received many feedback on our test series, all of our candidates were happy with the quality of the questions, but there was an over-arching demand for a better STUDENT PORTAL and functionality.
  2. Hence, we have been working for the past 3/4 months relentlessly to get a STUDENT PORTAL that exceeds the expectation.And we are happy to announce that our new student portal – http://www.iastree.com/  is certainly a giant leap forward.You certainly can register and check it out (As always your feedback is valuable to us)
  3. As far as the the number of test series are concerned, we have stopped thinking from an institution’s perspective and tried to analyse from a student’s perspective.After hours and hours of discussions and meetings with our students, we came to realize that there is only one way forward.Our test series only will be helpful if we reduce the redundancy and the unnecessary burden of students who join 3/4 test series to be ahead in the competition , but in the end it does not help them much.Fear begets Fear.
  4. Finishing 25 sets is difficult, but there are students who are subscribing to 60 tests or more, and obviously  – No one can finish that and the Guilty Conscience builds up and hampers self-confidence.
  5. So here is what we are going to do about it :-
    1. There is no point on claiming ours is the best institute or ours is the best test series. Every institute,Every where claims that and Everyone else knows what is what.So “Whats the Point?” anyway.
    2. We don’t want our student to be trapped in this-is-good-that-is-better-trap, where they end up doing 10 set from one test series and another 5 set from others,and in the end completing none.
    3. The goal of students is to clear the exam, and that is exactly what you are going to do this year.
    4. In order to remove the burden, we will be going through every major test series that is out there so that We will know what others are doing and what we could do to give you the competitive advantage.We sincerely hope that this approach takes away the aspirant’s dilemma.To be fair, this is a competitive exam and we can not be blind to what others are doing.
    5. Thanks to our last years candidates. This year , it will be the “Students-Way”
  6. Last year we had a odd mixture of students, many scored well beyond 130 while many were stuck between 105-115.Although the real cut-off is not out , yet ,given the competition, 120 and above seems a safe score and the competition is increasing day-by-day.
  7. More importantly, it is little embarrassing to fail in PRELIMS and , Failure in PRELIMS does not imply anything about your knowledge , it simply means , either there is lack of consistency or practice.And that is what we are going to deliver – consistency and practice- a lot of it , along with the competitive advantage.
  8. Prelims demands to mug up some data but it also demands a very good analytical skills, and if you look at our analysis of PRELIMS 2016 QUESTION and Answer KEY , you will understand .This year, we are not going to enrich your knowledge base but also will help you sharpen your skill of  “Art of Elimination“.After all, the right answer is before you in one of the options, you just have to identify it.
  9. Questions will be framed to check :-
    1. Knowledge base of the student- both Static and Current Affairs
    2. Attentiveness (to avoid silly mistakes)
    3. Art of elimination (to check analytical skill, in order to take calculated risk in the real exam)

Features of the series:-

  1. The test series will consist of 19 sectional and 5 full length test.
  2. Each test will have 70 static questions and 30 questions related to current events
  3. You will be provided with a score card after taking the test.
  4. A Comparative ranking of all test takers will be provided after the test is over.
  5. A PDF with questions and detailed solutions will be made available to you after the completion of test.
  6. Doubts will be clarified after each Test.Once you log in to the student portal , you can see the Forum for PRELIMS discussion
  7. Tests will be conducted online and can be taken from various devices (Mobile/Tablet/PC).
  8. Once live the test will be available and the timings of the test will be flexible.However, we strongly recommend that you take the test on the assigned date , in order to get a correct ranking and to get your doubts clarified.
  9. Personalized guidance will be provided upon request.

Schedule :-  Click Here

Payment Details :-

  1. The cost of the prelims test series is – Rs 5000/- (inclusive of all taxes) – (If you have coupon code you can use them to get discount).Write to us at upsctree@upsctree.com for coupon codes.
  2. After the Payment You will receive a mail from us with  your Candidate ID and you have to quote the same in all your communications with us.
  3. You have to Provide the following while registering :-
    • Your Complete Name
    • Your Mail id (which you use regularly as this will be the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) for us.
    • Your Valid Phone Number.
  4. Send the receipt after successful completion of registration to – upsctree@upsctree.com




The questions will intuitive, qualitative and at par with the real exam – rest  assured on this.


Feel Free to Contact us , in case you have any queries.

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